not all brands get it right!

Tuesday, May. 11th 2010

Some well-known brands miss a trick on the opportunities email marketing has open to them, proving that there’s always room for improvement, not matter how big you are!


check your echo stats anywhere

Friday, Apr. 23rd 2010

Did you know, with echo you can use any popular mobile device like an iPhone or Android to quickly access great looking reports on your campaigns. Just use the web browser on your phone and log in to your echo… read more


Try using A/B testing to maximise your open rates

Friday, Apr. 23rd 2010

You know the problem. Just what is the best call to action? Which line will make your subscribers click that link?
With our A/B testing facility, you can test two different call-to-actions on the same campaign. It can be surprising… read more


iphone shows biggest email client growth

Friday, Apr. 23rd 2010

More and more people are reading emails from their phone.  Not only did iphone usage more than double in 2009, but ease of upgrading through itunes has ensured customers are up-to-date with their browser.
iPhone OS 3.0 was the fast… read more